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Furbish To English [+ Possible Phrases]
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  • ay-ay = Look/See
    -When the light gets brighter he may say. Hey Kah/ay-ay/u-nye. [Hey, I see you.]
  • ah-may = Pet
    -To you me might say ah-may/koh koh [Pet me more!]
  • a-loh = Light
    -Furby might say Dah/a-loh/u-tye [Big light up] [Good morning]
  • a-loh/may-tah = Cloud
  • a-tay = Hungry/Eat
    -And at lunch time, Kah/a-tay [I’m hungry]
  • boh-bay = Worried
    -If he gets jarred he may say Kah-dah/boh-bay [I’m scared]
  • boo = No
    -If you cover Furbys eye, Furby might say hey/kah/boo/ayay/u-nye [Hey, I don’t see you]
  • dah = Big
    -When he has really had a good time Dah/doo-ay [big fun]
  • doo? = What?/Question?
    -a-loh/doo? [Where is the light?]
  • doo-ay = Fun
    -If Furby really likes something he might say dah/doo-ay/wah! [Big fun!]
  • doo-moh = [Please feed me]
    -When Furby is hungry he might ask you to Doo-moh/a-tay [Please feed me]
  • e-day = Good
  • e-tay = Yes
  • kah = Me
    -When Furby is happy you might hear kah/may-may/u-nye [I love you]
  • koh-koh = Again/More
  • koo-doh = Health
    -If Furby has a tummy ache he might say Kah/boo/Koo-doh [I’m not healthy]
  • Koo-dah/Way-loh = Boring!
    -Said when he’s not being paid much attention to. Sigh… Koo-dah/Way-loh [How Boring!]
  • Lee-Koo = Sound
    -At a sudden noise he might say Dah/lee-koo/wah! [Loud sound!]
  • loo-loo = Joke
    -When you turn him upside down he might say Hey/boo/loo-loo [Hey, no jokes]
  • may-may = Love
    -When Furby REALLY likes you he will say Kah/may-may/u-nye [I love you]
  • may-lah = Hug
    -or Doo-moh/may-lah/kah [Please hug me]
  • may-tah = Kiss
    -Furby might ask for a kiss by saying May-lah/kah [Kiss me]
  • mee-mee = Very
    -At lunch time you might hear Kah/mee-mee/a-tay [I’m very hungry]
  • Nah-Bah = Down
    -In the evening Dah/a-loh/nah-bah [Sun down (Good night)]
  • nee-tye = Tickle
    -If Furby is bored he might ask you to Nee-tye/kah [Tickle me]
  • noh-lah = Dance
    -It’s party time! Dah/noh-lah [Big dance/party]
  • noo-loo = Happy
    -When Furby is with his friends you might hear him say Kah/mee mee/noo-loo/wah! [I’m very happy!]
  • o-kay = OK
  • toh-dye = Done
  • toh-loo = Like
    -If Furby is flirting he may say Kah/ay-ay/u-nye [I see you]
  • u-nye = You
    -Or playing hide and seek Kah/ay-ay/u-nye [I see you]
  • u-tye = Up
    -And when he thinks it’s time to get up Dah/a-loh/u-tye [Sun up (Good morning)]
  • wah! = Yea!/exclamation!
    -When he is very happy. Hey/kah/mee-mee/ay-tay/wah! [Hey, I’m very happy!]
  • way-loh = Sleep
    -If you wake Furby up and he is still tired. Yawn/Kah/way-loh/koh-koh [I’m sleeping more]
  • wee-tee = Sing
    -At bedtime Furby might say: Wee-tee/kah/way-loh [Sing me to sleep]

English To Furbish


Again/More = koh-koh
Ask = oh-too-mah
Big = dah
Boogie/Dance = noh-tah
Boring = Koo-dah/Way-loh
Cloud = a-loh/may-lah
Done = toh-dye
Down = nah-bah
Fun = doo-ay
Good = e-day
Happy = noo-loo
Health = koo-doh
Hide = who-bye
Hug = may-lah
Hungry = a-tay
Joke = loo-loo
Kiss = may-lah
Light = a-loh
Like = toh-loo
Listen = ay-ay/lee-koo
Love = may may
Maybe = may-bee
Me = kah
No = boo
OK = o-kay
Party = Dah/Noh-lah
Pet = ah-may
Please = doo-moh
Scared = dah/boh-bay
See = ay-ay
Sing = wee-tee
Sleep = way-loh
Sound = loo-koo
Sun = dah/a-loh
Tickle = nee-tye
Up = u-tye
Very = mee mee
Where? = doo?
Worry = boh-bay
Yeah! = wah!
Yes = e-tah
You = u-nye

Furbish To English Phrases


Kah/toh-loo/may-tay = Me like kisses
Wee-tee/kah/way-loh = Sing me to sleep
Kah/boo/ay-ay/u-nye = I can’t see you
Kah/a-tay = I’m hungry
Kah/toh-loo/moh-lah/wah! = I like to dance!
E-day/doo-ay/wah! = I like this!
Kah/mee-mee/a-tay = I very hungry
Nee-tye/kah = Tickle me
Boo/koo-doh/e-day = Don’t feel good
O-too-mah = Ask



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  1. Stevie April 16, 2013 at 11:04 pm - Reply

    I recently got a Furby ‘Party-Rocker’, and am devastated right now, because I’m working with an Android, and the app doesn’t seem to be compatable at this time with my device! What do I do to keep my Fur by from starving? When I wake him, he says he’s HUNGRY!!

    • Eric
      admin April 17, 2013 at 4:01 am - Reply

      Even though your Party Rocker may say its hungry, its mood wont change if you don’t feed it. You can feed it with the app ‘for fun’ but its not a requirement to keep its personality form changing (since it has a set personality that does not change anyway). Is that clear as mud? LOL Hope it helps.

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